What is Credit Informer ?

Credit Informer is a secure and easy to use, online Credit Check & Consumer Information search application, tailored specifically for businesses that regularly require access to this information. It may be for personnel vetting, tenant vetting or for the purposes of extending credit to your customers.

The data is accessible in three formats: Custom Integration, Branded or Instant Check. Each access option addresses a different need and degree of system integration. We have teamed up with Equifax, a global leader in information solutions, to deliver this service straight to your desktop.

Whatever the purpose, our reports have been designed to provide the data you need with a clear, logical and simple layout making them easy to read and ensuring that important information is not overlooked.

Simply decide upon the method of delivery that suits your business, based on purpose and volume and we will do the rest.

Custom Integration

Pull credit data seamlessly into your business systems. Our custom API enables data submission and retrieval in a secure, seamless and instant transaction. Accurate, fast data straight back to your own system environment.


Design your own desktop application to retrieve credit data and populate your own customised reports. A quick and cost effective way to start running credit checks through your own website.

Instant Check

Create an account and your personnel can start running checks immediately. Fully featured, the Instant Check has no setup cost and is ready to use.


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An Instant Online Credit Check Service

Quick, Simple and Easy

Flexible and Competitive

Reduction of fraud risk

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