Custom Integration – API Service

Why keep entering the same data time and time again. Our API takes the application data from your business system, obtains the Consumer Information recorded against that applicant and returns the data back to your system, instantaneously.

We work with you and you IT provider to ensure a seamless integration of the API into your day to day processing software. If you process significant volumes of applications each year, then this is the application for you.



Real time data processing


Seamless integration


Tailor the data you require


Fast cost-effective service

We have been integrating data exchange between third parties for over 15 years and we know how it improves business efficiency and accuracy.

Data is encrypted and secure and by automating the process, mistakes regarding data entry are reduced and accurate, reliable results are maximised.


  • No need to re-enter application data
  • Professional, accurate and efficient results
  • Reports customised in accordance with your business needs
  • Simple, straightforward process


Given the efficiency of this type of integration, prices per check can start from as low as £1.50 plus VAT. In order to discuss your requirements and to obtain a quotation please contact us on 01522 246 500 or email us at