We offer four business-to-business credit check solutions, each tailored to enable businesses to assess customer risk profiles according to the requirements within their industry. Our solutions, along with our expertly designed reports, enable our customers, from blue chip companies to SME’s, to make better credit decisions in a timely manner. Because of the high volume of data that we process, we can pass the savings on to you.

Our solutions draw their data directly from the financial records and payment performance databases of our partner Equifax, one of the world’s largest providers of consumer credit data, credit fraud and identity theft prevention, commercial credit data, insurance reports, demographic data and related analytics.

In the UK alone our consumer data sources number over 136 million records, excluding credit account information and data drawn from searches (which total a further 700 million accounts and searches combined).

Types of Credit Check

The Consumer Information checks we offer are tailored for four business types:

1. Employment Applications

2. Tenancy Applications

3. Insurance Quotations

Suitable for Recruitment Companies or Employers looking to screen their prospective employee ahead of making a job offer. Suitable for landlords looking to vet their prospective tenant prior to entering into a residential tenancy agreement. Suitable for financial organisations looking to grant a policy of insurance to an applicant.
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4. Regulated Credit Agreements

Suitable for organisations licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority to enter into regulated Consumer Credit Agreements and which require a detailed credit assessment of the applicant prior to the granting of that credit agreement.
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Commonly these applications are all called credit checks, however, only the last of the four is itself a credit check. All applications are a search of an individual’s credit reference file, which retains information concerning their financial history.
Each of our credit check solutions can be accessed through one of our three innovative web-based platforms. The platforms have been specifically designed to appeal to different levels of integration that companies might require.