Insurance Quotation Credit Check

An Insurance Quotation Credit Check is used by insurers to check an individual’s credit history and allows access to the unedited Electoral Roll. To access this type of check you will need to provide relevant information about your intention to offer insurance quotations and preferably be registered with the FCA.
Any company must disclose that they will perform an Insurance Quotation Credit Check to the Applicant prior to the check.

Data sets returned:

  • Unedited Voters Roll
  • Public Financial Information (CCJ’s, Bankruptcy’s etc.)
  • Potential alias data / alias data
  • Address links and dates created
  • Undisclosed addresses
  • Real-time information sourced from Equifax

Conditions for access:

  • The Applicant’s consent
  • The intention to offer insurance quotations
  • FCA Licence (preferable)

Access Options:

  • API Web Service
  • Branded Site


Contact Details

For more information and to to discuss access options, please contact us on 01522 246 500.

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