Regulated Credit Agreement

If you are authorised to enter into Regulated Consumer Credit Agreements, it is likely, as part of your due diligence, that you will check the credit history of your potential customer.  Our flexible service options allow you to build these checks into your own workflow software or perhaps you would like a Web based application.  Either way, our fast, accurate service will deliver real time financial information straight back to you in seconds.  For more information about how we can work with you, please call us on 01522 246 500.

Data sets returned:

  • Unedited Voters Roll
  • Public Financial Information (CCJ’s, Bankruptcy’s etc.)
  • Potential alias data / alias data
  • Address links and dates created
  • Undisclosed addresses
  • Fair Issac Score
  • Real-time information sourced from Equifax

Conditions for access:

  • The Applicant’s consent
  • The intention to enter into a Regulated Consumer Credit Agreement
  • Consumer Credit Licence

Access Options:

  • API Web Service
  • Branded Site

Contact Details

For more information and to to discuss access options, please contact us on 01522 246 500.

Contact Details